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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Cargo Cheek Activator Blush in Rose Flush

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This blush is a little special so I thought i'd share it with you today, plus for some bizarre reason Cargo doesn't seem that popular in the UK. They have some really cool stuff so it's such a shame. I bought the Cheek Activator in Rose Flush in Boots many months ago as it was reduced from £18.50 to £5. I knew how much i'd liked Cargo products in the past to I went for it. 

It basically works by friction, you apply a tiny bit to your cheeks and rub it in. The blush comes out white but the more you rub it, the pinker it gets. 


As you can see a little goes a long, long way and it takes quite a lot of rubbing to make an even pink. My only concern about this product is that its fairly difficult to control the outcome. If you put a tiny splodge on your cheeks and rub a little too dramatically you will end up with strange blush streaks and it's tricky to correct. I just make sure I use the smallest amount possible and build the colour if I need to.

have you tried any Cargo products?

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