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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette & Coping with Hayfever

 Urban Decay Electric Palette
The Urban Decay Electric Palette* is available here for £38 and from Sephora for €45.

I have been a long time sufferer of hayfever and it really affects me over Spring/Summer because I feel as if I can't go for the eye make up looks I want to. My eyes tend to puff up and water incessantly which rules out all but the hardiest and most waterproof of gel liners and mascaras. This season, colour is in and we have created 2 bold, bright looks that with a little help, are hayfever-proof. The Urban Decay Electric Palette contains some stunningly pigmented colours.
At first the shades really reminded me of a much-loved palette I owned as a teen that I lost and still mourn to this date. Back then, i'd go for an all over eyelid colour block that looked frightful. Thankfully, I now know the wonders of blending and I'm really excited to rock an electric look.  
My Urban Decay Naked Palette is my holy grail everyday eyeshadow palette but the Electric Palette is perfect for creating an eye look with more of a wow factor. 
The packaging is absolutely stunning, by far my favourite of all the Urban Decay palettes. I actually quite fancy a phone case with a similar design. 

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

From L-R, Top: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage & Fringe. Bottom: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak & Thrash. The palette is a bit of a mess as it got broken in the post when Jasmine forwarded it to me!

Fringe & Revolt look a little more true in this photo:

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

"I’ve never been much of an eyeshadow wearing girl. From a young age i had a multitude of colours, all the colours of the rainbow! Getting into the summer vibes, I felt a splash of colour was necessary to my dreary grey and black wardrobe. Not my clothes.. my makeup!  So after receiving this very vibrant and very colourful eyeshadow palette, I decided to try and new look! Going for the understated but vibrant under eye eyeshadow look, I used eyeshadow primer on and below my lower lash line. I then used a mixture of the two blues; Gonzo & Chaos to add a sultry blue to my summer makeup looks. I don’t suffer from hay fever, but do sometimes get itchy eyes from dust, so a look thats going to last is important, especially one that won’t smudge when i have to rub my eyes. Spraying on a little MAC Fix + on top of my makeup helps it stay put throughout the day and also gives a refreshing tingle to wake me up at the start of the day!"

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

One day I'll get organised and take photos when the sun is actually shining, I think investing in a tripod will seriously help too. 

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

I decided to create a vibrant smokey eye that is best suited to a warm summer's evening. I used Jilted all over my lid and Urban in the crease and outer corner. They colours looks really different in the palette but turned out to be quite similar on my skin. 

I thought that out of all the colours to choose from, the purples were the most suited to my skin tone and hair colour. I tried with Slowburn and just ended up looking like a complete mess. The shape of my eyelids means that there's only a peep of colour visible unless I blink or close my eyes. 

I finished with a bit of Revolt on my inner eye, which didn't really get picked up by the camera but was a nice alternative to using MAC Nylon to brighten my eyes. The pallet is so incredibly pigmented that I had to be quite careful when blending to make sure it didn't end up all over my cheekbones and brow bone too. It's not as easy to work with as the Naked palette but that's only because mistakes are easier to see. The texture of the shadows is lovely, especially Revolt, which felt very creamy for a glitter eyeshadow. 

*Don't forget to use a good eyelid primer, it will help keep your eyeshadow fresh and make it easier to remove at the end of the day*

 Urban Decay Electric Palette

If you're more of a classic smokey eye kind of girl, here's a tutorial for a hayfever proof eye look that's suitable for day and night. 
Watch this video for a Spring/Summer look tutorial from Aimee Adams MUA 
Aimee Adams, who has worked with many celebrities, including Pixie Lott & Madonna has compiled her top tips to beat the effects of hayfever here. These are her ideas for creating an eye look for those who suffer from watery and red eyes during the hayfever season:

  •      Start by using eye drops, such as Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops, tilting the head sideways and catching any   drips with a cotton bud. These work in as little as two minutes to make eyes feel more comfortable and look relieved, ready for make-up application
  •      Using a brush with MAC Brule Eye Shadow cover the eye lid blending in any hard lines with your finger
  •       The next step is to run a soft brown eye liner along the top of the lashes to give a smudgy brown line which creates a waterproof barrier
  •      An obvious addition for hayfever sufferers is waterproof mascara - try Collection Waterproof Mascara Concentrate mainly on the top lid lashes avoiding the bottom lashes which can irritate the eyes.

Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops retail at £4.70, more information can be found on the Opticrom website here.

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  1. Make sure you always use a primer, they're so pigmented they can stain the eye lid! Oh and the colours can also be used in your hair and as a nail polish! Neat eh?! X


    1. Ooh I wouldn't have thought to use them in my hair, thanks for the tip! I probably should have mentioned that id used a primer haha! Love your outfit posts on your blog :)

  2. love this palette ! but I'm a bit afraid of using such a bright colors xD

    1. I love urban decay eyeshadows, and these don't disappoint! I'm usually very monochrome, even with my make up, but it made a nice change to be a bit bolder :)


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