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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Results with Lucy* | Virtual Personal Training | BEFORE

results with lucy mecklenburgh new beginnings real results

After trying and failing (or giving up) tonnes of different diets and exercises, I found Results with Lucy at the perfect time. I started running a couple weeks ago, and being really busy one week knocked me right off track and couldn't pick up the energy to get back at it.

I like having a regime or a timetable to follow. RWL offers a variety of different plans you can choose from including one for Students, one for Abs etc.. I went for the New Beginnings, which includes both workout videos and a nutrition guide to follow.  On the website, there are hundreds of recipes and work out videos to choose from each day, however, with my plan, the videos are tailored to me so I follow a particular sequence, with the intensity gradually getting harder and harder as the weeks go by. Each workout session takes less than an hour and goes through a Warm Up, a targeted workout, for example an Abs workout, followed by a cardio workout, Yoga or Pilates and finally a Cool Down. It's like having your very own personal trainer with you!

The variety each week keeps you motivated and stops you getting too bored of the same workout over and over again. And trust me, you'll certainly feel the burn with these ones! Don't be fooled by the Yoga and Pilates sessions, they're so much harder and more effective than they look! I could barely walk after my first legs-concentrated Pilates session!

results with lucy mecklenburgh new beginnings real results

So sticking with my 'new beginnings' that are coming up over the next year or so; getting married next year, eventually starting a family, progressing in my career, I have wanted to start a new fitness journey to get in to shape for not only my wedding, but to get into the best shape of my life. To start a-fresh, to start over.  I was at my heaviest ever weight at 12 stone 13 lbs last year, and I have sworn to myself never to get that large again. Not that there was or is anything wrong with being that weight, just for me, I wasn't happy and didn't feel healthy. I was knackered after even the simplest of exercises, none of my clothes fit, I just didn't feel good about myself.

Pre-relationship and pre-university I was 9 stone 7 lbs. I was confident, I was healthy and I could wear anything and it looked good. Still a couple sizes bigger than my friends, but I didn't care. With Results with Lucy, I know that weight is achievable if I put my mind to it. The New Beginnings plan is just 13 weeks long, but with the 4 exercises a week and a healthy eating plan along side, losing 2 lbs per week will be easy. That's around 26 lbs I can lose if I keep it up.. almost 2 stone!

In the first week alone, I've lost 4 lbs! So I'm steadily getting there! I have to admit, I haven't followed the diet to the letter, because of my intolerances to wheat and dairy. But I have used them as inspiration to create similar, equally healthy meals for myself each day. My goal is actually to reach 10 stone 7lbs and a healthy size 10. From then, I will set myself further goals to reach my pre-uni weight. I am determined (despite giving in to my chocolate craving once in a while!)! I will share my photo results in my AFTER post!

My pre RWL measurements are as follows:
Chest - 100cm
Waist - 80cm
Stomach - 91cm
Hips - 93cm
Bum - 112cm
Thigh - 70cm
Arms - 33cm

Fitness Test 1:
Press ups - 21 (on knees)
Squats - 33 (full)
Plank - 30 seconds (low)
Jacks - 56 (full)

Check back in 3 weeks to see how my fitness has improved and see how much weight I've lost using Results with Lucy. To sign up to your very own training plan or just want to pay per month rather than trek to a gym, join here!

What do you do for fitness? Have you used RWL before? Share your results with us!


  1. Good luck with this! Cannot wait to see your results. I really think online PT's are the way forward especially as sometimes getting to the gym can be difficult
    Vanisha xo

    1. I'm so hoping it works! Got a holiday this june, and then wedding next june!!

      I'd def say it was worth the money though, they have student plans and then tailored plans too. There's a warm up, cardio and two targeted workouts then a cool down and its different each day so it really is like your own personal trainer in your bed room! PLUS the workouts are less than an hour so you can easily fit it into your every day life! xx


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