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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What to Put on Blog Business Cards*

Aura Print Coloured Core Business Cards Soeurs de Luxe What to put on your Blog Business Cards

Business cards for bloggers are super important for anyone looking to grow their blog. Business cards help people you meet; brands and other bloggers, to remember you and to find, follow or collaborate with you in the future. This is our 3rd set of business cards. As our blog grows, changes and develops, so does the design of our cards. 

These Impakt Coloured Core business cards at 800gsm from Aura Print are the most professional quality we've seen. They're beautifully thick, well designed and have a little pop of colour to either add contrast or compliment your colour palette. I've actually been given a card like these by someone whilst at my day job. When I first saw them, my first thought was 'ooo, these look professional' and my second thought was 'hmm, they must come with a hefty price tag!' I was only right on one of those points; these cards ooze professionalism. 

We're at a stage with our blog where we really want to grow, work with some more amazing brands and possibly monetise if we can. To future collaborators, we need to look like we know our stuff and we need to be memorable. At events such as our BloggersXmas and at brand parties like the River Island #StyleWithLove event, you need to stand out in a PR's or another bloggers memory. How better than to have amazing business cards that are beautifully designed, simple, classy and above all, high quality. There's actually nothing we hate more than getting given cheap, wafer thin business cards that are poorly designed. I'm sure you can all agree! They just get all bent and aren't that appealing to look at.

There's been so many occasions when we've seen bloggers order a pack from vistaprint using an existing template card, then at the same event, we'd get given about 10 cards from different bloggers, all with the same design. It's a tad awkward! At least with these, you're guaranteed to be different, and different is what stands out. 

Aura Print Coloured Core Business Cards Soeurs de Luxe What to put on your Blog Business Cards

Your blog's business cards need to represent you as a blogger and showcase your blog as the best it can be! With Aura Print, you can choose from 15 different coloured cores and laminate glossy or matte for free! You can either design your own artwork and upload it, or for an extra £22.50, they will even design the cards for you, which for us; pretty much took only 4 or 5 emails back and forth to confirm the design as they got it almost spot on first time!

Simply select whether you want Single or Double Sided, Black & White or Colour, Landscape or Portrait, what Coloured Core you would like and whether you want it laminated or not. Then, you can either upload your existing artwork or have their amazing designers whip one up for you. What's more, you can order as many cards as you like (128 before the price starts increasing). With these,  they're not far off the price of sites such as vistaprint, but with Aura Print you're paying for quality, and quality is what gets you those collaborations and the ROI (return on investment) is so worth it! 

So what information do you need to put on your business cards?

Blog Name
Email Address (can be direct or PR alias)
Twitter Handle
Website URL
Other Social Media handles if different (can just put the logos if all the same)
What you blog is about (e.g. Beauty/Food/Fitness etc)
A photo of You!

Aura Print Coloured Core Business Cards Soeurs de Luxe What to put on your Blog Business Cards

The information you put on your business card is crucial. Like a CV, you want the holder of this card to know exactly what you do and how to contact you. Adding sub-text to the name of your blog as we have is great too. This is so the cardholder knows exactly what you blog about without having to visit your site. This saves them time, and is more likely to get you the collaboration if they're looking for bloggers like you.  Adding a photo makes it more personal, and if you've met them in person, they can put the name to the face and remember who you are instantly. 

Adding an image, logo or something that stands out on the reverse side will make your business card eye-catching and is more likely going to be picked up out of a pile than a plain, boring, text filled card written in Times New Roman. 

And obviously.. contact details are a must. You can put your phone number if you want to, but brands are more likely to email you or DM you on Twitter or Instagram than pick up the phone to you. Oh, and do NOT forget to add your Blog URL or YouTube Channel! That's like writing an essay and forgetting to submit it. We've been there, it wasn't a proud moment. *cringe*

Now I wouldn't say I was an expert at business cards, but from my experience in Marketing and having to attend a LOT of networking events for my work, I've seen my fair share of cards, some impressive, others appalling. I'm sure you can guess which ones I used to follow up with afterwards!

What do you put on your Business Cards? What do you think of these Coloured Core cards?


  1. Great post. Personally, I don't have business cards for my blog, as I've never felt my blog is big enough to to warrant having them. However, I'm attending an event tomorrow evening, and really wish I had some to hand out!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Hey Laura, thanks for reading!

      I think we had cards when our blog was just a year old and had a handful of followers. I think if you want to be remembered after events etc, business cards are a great way to do that and it gives you the chance to treat your blog like a business. See it as a growing tool, I'd definitely recommend getting some, maybe some cheaper ones to start off with and then as your blog grows, yours cards can get better and better! Aura print are great though and the cards are such high quality!

      Are you going to the Next Beauty event tomorrow??

      If you have some time during the day you can always hand make some! just follow the general rules about what to put on it and you can be even more creative with drawing, doing calligraphy etc! xx


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