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Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Tips To Show-Stopping MakeUp: Tip 2 - Day To Night Refresher

post signature-       going out straight from work? Only have the bare essentials with you? No problem. Here's a tip that'll get you from Day to Night in 4 easy steps!

Day to Night essentials  are 6 items that you should always keep in your bag.. Just in case!

These emergency items include Blotting Papers (Rizla works too) to remove any excess shine off your face.
If foundation has clumped up and settled into wrinkles and imperfections; spritz your skin with a light skin-mist or refreshing spray (MAC's Fix+ is great) and lightly dab with a makeup sponge.

 Cotton buds and moisturisers are the final step; they allow tidying up make up a LOT easier. Clean up any smudges or even smudge your eyeliner to give you a smoky eye effect.

 Finish off with a bright lip-colour and you’re ready to hit the town!
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